• An android of alien origin named Questor is built as a replacement for its dying creator. It survives into the 30th Century where it befriends the Soong-type android Data. (The Questor Tapes, STWC: Time’s Refuge)

Lt. Jin Mirai, on behalf of the Museum of Ancient Technology, steals a fax machine at a cocktail party located in the Glass Tower in San Francisco. (STWC: Time’s Refuge)

• Genetically engineered dictator Khan Noonian Singh leaves Earth on the rechristened SS Botany Bay. (TOS: Space Seed)
Sergeant Lydia Bukin is part of the clean up operation in South Asia that maintains the search for Khan and his followers. (STWC: Peace in Our Time)

• A shuttlecraft carrying out time travel experiments hits a satellite and crashes on the earth. Sgt. Bukin procures a phaser from it and uses it to assassinate the Vice President of the United States. The phaser and the pilot of the shuttle, Lt. Jin Mirai, are recovered by time travelers from the 30th century. (STWC: Peace in Our Time)

• Earth experiences its Third World War. The nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union plunges the planet into a new dark age. Only a few of the planet’s power plants and parts of a subterranean shuttle system survive. (Genesis II, TNG: Encounter at Farpoint, STWC: Peace in Our Time)

• 20th Century scientist Dylan Hunt is woken up from a hibernation experiment gone wrong by descendants of NASA employees called The PAX. Sometime in the following years he has a wild night with Nadifa, a time traveler from the 30th century. (Genesis II, STWC: Time’s Refuge. This date is edited from the 2151 date stated in Genesis II to make it work better in the Star Trek timeline that wasn’t yet established in 1971 when Genesis II was filmed).

Zephram Cochrane leaves for deep space, never to be seen again *wink*. (TOS: Metamorphosis)

• Earth ends a several year war with the Romulans thanks to the rescue of a disabled Romulan vessel by a rogue Earth Force ship. (STWC: No Good Deed)

• The Starship Class USS Enterprise launches with Robert April as its captain. (Okuda Speculation)


• Vulcan Scientist T’Chok helps invent the phaser. (STWC: Weapons of Mass Destruction)

• A powerful extra-galactic machine enters Federation space. It is destroyed by the USS Enterprise. (TOS: Doomsday Machine)
• Federation Scientists, including T’Chok, recover the machine and begin replicating its anti-proton weapon. (STWC: Weapons of Mass Destruction)
• During war games meant to test a new computer called the M-5, the USS Hood is severely damaged. Its captain is killed in the process. Captain Isadora Barrett takes command after repairs are completed. (TOS: Ultimate Computer, STWC: Basis of Proof)
• Aliens from the Kelvan Empire in the galaxy of Andromeda visit the Milky Way looking for habitable planets to conquer. (TOS: By Any Other Name)
• A Federation probe is sent to Andromeda with an official invitation to the Kelvan people. No mention of the Galactic Barrier that disabled the initial Kelvan scout ship is included. (STWC: Time’s Refuge)

• Mercenary Quetzal Brody is hired by T’Chok to steal her anti-proton weapon so it can be destroyed. (STWC: Weapons of Mass Destruction)
Harcourt Fenton Mudd is knocked out during a deal gone wrong on Tellar. He’s smuggled aboard the IDIC colony mover Yalan Gemisi right before it departs. (STWC: Weapons of Mass Destruction, STWC: Mudd Slide)
• The USS Hood is disabled by a stolen experimental weapon and later scuttled. (STWC: Weapons of Mass Destruction, STWC: Basis of Proof)

Lt. Jin Mirai jumps to the past in an experimental shuttle. She returns seconds later without the shuttle claiming to have been to and altered the future. (STWC: Peace in Our Time, STWC: Time’s Refuge)
• The Yalan Gemisi arrives at Epsilon Leonis III and starts a new colony headed by Harry Mudd. The colony will later become one of several havens for Ongree refugees escaping war on Trova.

• The USS Enterprise completes her refit. Admiral Kirk and Commander Spock merge with an evolved ancient Earth probe and are considered MIA. (ST:TMP)
Jin Mirai is promoted to commander. Still sleeps with a loaded gun. (STWC: Time’s Refuge)
• Civil war breaks out between the Trovati and the Ongree factions on the planet Trova.

Jin Mirai momentarily appears in a strip club on Tellar. (STWC: Time’s Refuge)

Khan escapes Ceti Alpha V and makes a planet. It goes boom. (ST2: TWOK, ST3:TSFS)

• The Ambassador Class USS Enterprise is destroyed with all hands on board. (TNG: Yesterday’s Enterprise)

• The Ambassador Class USS Vikrant is christened at a ceremony held by Admiral Navo. Her new captain, Giv Afshar is present at the reception. (STWC: The Word of God – Prolgue)

• The USS Vikrant is ordered to open dialogue between warring factions on Trova in order to stem a wave of refugees fleeing the planet.

• The Galaxy Class USS Enterprise is launched. (TNG: Encounter at Farpoint)

• The Federation probe reaches Andromeda. (STWC: Time’s Refuge)

• Several hundred billion Kelvans show up at the Milkyway boarder. All of their ships are disabled by the Galactic Barrier, forcing them to concede to whatever terms the Federation dictates. (STWC: Time’s Refuge)

Lt. Jin Mirai is brought to the future by members of the Museum of Ancient Technology. She is recruited by the Kelvan Freedom Movement and sent back to 2269. (STWC: Time’s Refuge)