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New Footage From Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3!

Seriously, how am I the first person to come up with this?

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Why “The Way to Eden” is One of Star Trek’s Smartest Episodes

“The Way to Eden” is a particularly maligned episode. With it’s comedic, shallow take on the hippies of the day, the episode comes off as square and out of touch. In reality it’s an incredibly smart screenplay with the hippies … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Picard’s Shocking Twists Push All the Worst Messages About Abuse and Mental Illness

At the tail end of the last season of Dexter, Dexter’s sister, Brenda, shoots their longtime police captain in order to keep Dexter’s secret. Immediately after pulling the trigger, Brenda coddles the lifeless body while sobbing with guilt. It’s an … Continue reading

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director’s Edition – The Good Bits

Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s Theatrical Cut was released on 4K resolution blu-ray earlier this year and the results are pretty spectacular. The film has never looked better and you would imagine there would be no further room for improvement, … Continue reading

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Check Out Trekcomic’s Love For The Motion Picture on its 42nd Anniversary

Today marks the 42 anniversary of my favorite Star Trek movie, The Motion Picture. Relive the love we’ve given this film over the years with these links: First, here’s the TMP Redux I did earlier this year that rewrites the … Continue reading

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He Was So Fucking Suave…

So long, Dean Stockwell. You will be missed.

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Archive Updated

Just updated the comic’s archives for the first time since… geez… 2017. The archive, for those who don’t know, compiles the strips into comic book page form. I’ve added “Mudd Slide”, “The Word of God”, “The Motion Picture Redux”, and … Continue reading

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Vaccination PSA Poster – Next Generation Edition

My TOS Vaccine poster has always been hit. I created it back during the measles scare in 2015. Who knew it would be so much more horrendously relevant today? That’s why I’m back at it with a TNG Version starring … Continue reading

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Comic Drawing Time Lapse

For those curious about my comic drawing process, I created a time lapse video of the creation of yesterday’s strip. You can see what apps I use (Final Draft, Illustrator, and Photoshop) and the whole assembly from text layout to … Continue reading

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TMP Redux Crew Wallpaper

I spent a little time today touching up and adding detail to the final crew shot of The Motion Picture Redux. It makes a really great wallpaper for your desktop! Click the picture to get the full size image.

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