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Forgotten Roddenberry: Pretty Maids All in a Row Review

Oddly enough, many of you asked for it. Now, after a long delay, it’s finally here: my Pretty Maids All in a Row retroreview. Check out Gene’s celebration of statutory rape now on TrekMovie.

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Happy Pride!

“I have no moral or other objections to physical love in any of its many Earthly, alien, and mixed forms.” -Admiral James T. Kirk, Star Trek: The Motion Picture Novelization

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Is Harry Mudd a Murderer?

While “I, Mudd” sets up Harry as a sort of lovable buffoon on the run from his ghoulish wife (and is completely willing to strand 400 people in order to ensure his own freedom), “Mudd’s Women” sets him up to … Continue reading

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Star Trek Plays the Sci-Fi Blues

CBS finally dropped a full length trailer for Star Trek: Discovery last week revealing a lot of the aesthetics of the new series. While many were ranting about the Klingons, I was more interested in Star Fleet’s fashion choices. I … Continue reading

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Next Generation Bridge Panorama

Star Trek: The Next Generation has a lot in common with Star Trek: The Motion Picture, including characters, tone, and design. It only makes sense that Picard does a similar scan of the bridge when he first walks on to … Continue reading

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Refit Enterprise Bridge Panorama

I was shocked that no one made one of these yet until I loaded a couple of screenshots into PhotoShop’s automerge and it couldn’t deal with it. Not only does the camera pan, but focus and lighting are constantly shifting … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality Gets You the Internet You Need

This comic couldn’t exist without net neutrality. As a small, self-hosted site I would not be able to wheel and deal my way on the preferred lists of ever American ISP if things ever got that bad. I rely on … Continue reading

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William Shatner on Misogyny vs Misandry

Erin Horáková wrote an article awhile back about how Captain Kirk is not the philanderer and untamed maverick we collectively seem to remember him as. The besic premise is that Kirk has drifted in the popular culture into something unrecognizable. … Continue reading

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He’s Almost Here…

His beginnings may be shown in Star Trek: Discovery, but what could be his final adventure starts this Tuesday.

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Remember, Genesis II is Canon

Just a reminder that Roddenberry’s 1973 pilot, Genesis II is part of the canon for the comic. Watch it on Youtube. Read my review of it here.

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