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Remember, Genesis II is Canon

Just a reminder that Roddenberry’s 1973 pilot, Genesis II is part of the canon for the comic. Watch it on Youtube. Read my review of it here.

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Happy International Women’s Day

For all the kick-ass women out there, real and fictional.

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Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations Wallpaper

Kirk, to me, cannot be a sophisticated master of space and time if his sexual appetite is limited to anthropomorphic heteronormativity.

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Forgotten Roddenberry Review: Planet Earth

If there was one thing Roddenberry really couldn’t get enough of it was Femdom. The fetish shows up over and over again in his various pitch documents and productions. The ultimate example has got to be his second shot at … Continue reading

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That Time Richard Hatch Yelled at Me

I met Richard Hatch at WonderCon several years ago. He was sitting next to Erin Gray of Buck Rogers fame and across from Malachi “Commodore Mendez” Throne who had just inappropriately referred to my then three-year-old daughter as a “heart … Continue reading

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Uhura “Resist” Wallpaper

Screw the Prime Directive! Click the image for a full size wallpaper that’s also great for printing.

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It’s Time to Start Fighting Back

The pus covered, rotten slab of pumpkin pie is coming, folks. It’s an avowed racist, a science and fact denier, and a confirmed sexual predator, and in twenty minutes it’ll be your president. You have to start somewhere and a … Continue reading

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Things That Keep Me Up at Night

I’m just starting to realize “Basis of Proof” was the 2016 presidential election. Except in real life the ship exploded with everyone on it.

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Temporary Comic Schedule Change

Happy holidays, folks. Because of other commitments and the hectic holiday schedule only one comic will be posted a week for the next two weeks. Those comics will go up on a Wednesday. On January 3, 2017 everything goes back … Continue reading

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Forgotten Roddenberry Reviews: The Questor Tapes

Witness the birth of Lieutenant Data in The Questor Tapes. The wife watched this one with me, so, now, whenever I say “I am Questor, beep, beep!” I get a good laugh.

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