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Lorca, He’s Just This Guy, You Know? – What’s Past is Prologue Review

In exchange for sitting through a season of tedious space battles instead of the frontiersman good times we expect from a Star Trek show Discovery offered us a chance to look at the Federation and its idealism in a new … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Ursula K. Le Guin

I just wanted to take a moment to say farewell to one of my favorite science fiction writers. Le Guin was introduced to me by my wife a decade ago with the book “The Dispossessed”. The Vrapnahr’s anarchist collective in … Continue reading

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Oh no! It’s Not Padding! Man in the Mirror Review

There’s only one thing worse than fanwank filler: Fanwank plot. I have to eat a big old pot full of crow, folks. The Mirror Universe storyline isn’t just something to pad out Discovery’s season, it is an integral part of … Continue reading

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You Mean There’s More?! The Wolf Inside Review

The diversion continues as Discovery wraps up the middle part of what’s turning out to be a Mirror Universe trilogy of episodes. I’m not really wild about this. While the story is definitely pushing forward, it’s hampered by the tedious … Continue reading

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Long Live Captain Tilly – “Despite Yourself” Review

After over a month hiatus, Star Trek: Discovery is back to let us know what was such a big deal about their midseason non-cliff hanger. “Into the Forest I Go” left us with the Discovery sitting in normal space in … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays – Temporary Single Strip per Week

Hope you’re all enjoying your holiday festivities. I know I am. So much so that, like last year, I’ll be moving the strip to once a week on Wednesdays for the next two weeks. Expect a strip on the 27th … Continue reading

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I’m Totally Burnt Out After Seeing The Last Jedi

This could be an odd place to do this. I mean, a Star Wars movie review on a Star Trek site? Blasphemy! But I did see this film, and I have an opinion on it, and I have this soapbox … Continue reading

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Need Help With Arduino Stepper Motor Control Programming

Hello all! I am working on a Star Trek related project involving Arduino and stepper motors. I can’t say much about it right now except that it’s really exciting stuff that hasn’t been done before in an amateur production. I’ve … Continue reading

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Happy Hannukah!

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Star Trek: Discovery – The Verdict So Far

Discovery‘s first half a season was certainly an interesting experience. It’s gone from a show I initially wrote off before it even started to something I actively look forward to watching each week. I know I am going to miss … Continue reading

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