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Forgotten Roddenberry: Spectre

Gene’s final attempt at a TV pilot before being offered the chance to bring Star Trek back was a paranormal thriller called Spectre. It’s a strange turn for a writer who’s very next project was yet another parable on misplaced … Continue reading

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Gene Roddenberry’s 1991 Humanist Interview

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. As a little Turkey Day treat I’m putting up the entirety of one of Gene Roddenberry’s most in-depth and possibly last interviews. Done for the Humanist Magazine in 1991, it’s only been available through an obscure … Continue reading

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Forgotten Roddenberry Reviews: Genesis II

Ever wonder what Gene Roddenberry was doing throughout the 1970’s besides hookers and blow? Find out in a new series of reviews being published on Trekmovie and written by yours truly. I’ll be starting off this week with Genesis II … Continue reading

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Introduction to Your New Neuro-Synaptic Implant

Just in case you didn’t realize there was a link in Tuesday’s comic, here is the film Jin and Nadifa watched on that old Panasonic VHS machine. The narration was provided by the amazingly talented voice actress Tamara Ryan who … Continue reading

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Happy 50th Birthday, Enterprise

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of her first appearance on screen I’m finally posting the beauty shots I took of my 1/350 Enterprise model. These comps were created three years ago when I finished the model, but, for some … Continue reading

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Nothing is New

As the rhetoric surrounding immigration heats up beyond expensive, country spanning walls into warnings about taco trucks on every corner, I wanted to present another gentle reminder to my dear readers that Time’s Refuge was conceived nearly ten years ago. … Continue reading

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Maybe He’s Born With It. Maybe it’s Evil!

Star Trek was never immune to nasty tropes, despite it’s progressive veneer. The Klingons, for instance with their Fu Manchu facial hair, are very much designed to take advantage of the “Yellow Peril” motif sci-fi villains, including Ming the Merciless, … Continue reading

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My Captain Will Come for Me: Star Trek Beyond Review

Reader warning: Spoilers, including the film’s twist, are discussed below. This is going to be a hard review to write. Not because Star Trek Beyond is a difficult movie to write about, but because there are certain realms of dialogue … Continue reading

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I Accidentally the Comic

In case you’re not on Facebook, I wanted folks to know two strips were published today. The first one was supposed to be Friday’s comic. The second, posted later in the afternoon, was supposed to be today’s. Since the second … Continue reading

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Why George Takei is Wrong

John Cho, star of Star Trek: Beyond, announced today that Sulu is gay, shacking up with a dude, and raising a kid with him in the new movie. About fucking time, right? I mean, socially conscious Star Trek’s got it’s … Continue reading

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