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Discovery Needs to Put Section 31 Down and Back Away Slowly

A really unfortunate snippet of footage was put out a few weeks ago that purports to be a deleted scene from Star Trek: Discovery. In it the disgraced Emperor Phillipa is followed into her newly acquired strip club by an … Continue reading

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For Sale: My 3 foot TOS Enterprise model!

Hey folks, the modeling bug has hit me again and I only have room for one giant spaceship in my life. So the Enterprise I built in 2014 is going on sale. In her place I’ll be building another one … Continue reading

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We’re a Quarter of the Way to Renewing the Comic For Another Series!

Thanks to a number of amazing readers we are 25% of the way to the donation goal needed to keep this comic going for another story line and beyond. And we did it in less than two weeks. $100 a … Continue reading

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Want to Keep the Comic going and Fund a New Motion Control System? Contribute to My Patreon!

Click the image above to donate. Read below for more details. Hello, dear readers. This comic has been serving you for five years now. I’ve amassed a pretty loyal following of nearly one thousand readers over that time. I love … Continue reading

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Nothing Makes Any Sense as Discovery’s Finale Rushes to Tie Up Loose Ends

Soap operas and serious dramas seem worlds apart, but they actual have a very simple difference: themes and character development. Soaps don’t have them. They move from one plot point to another without caring about character growth or moral lessons. … Continue reading

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Discovery’s Finale is Upon Us!

Remember folks, the last episode of Discovery’s debute season is up for streaming right now. You can be sure I’ll have something to say about it tomorrow, so stay tuned to the site. Until then I’ll just leave you this … Continue reading

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Today’s Comic Has Been Reposted

Due to an error, today’s comic was a repeat of last Friday’s. This has been fixed. So, if you woke up to some digital déjà vu, please check back again. Sorry for the confusion.

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Lorca, He’s Just This Guy, You Know? – What’s Past is Prologue Review

In exchange for sitting through a season of tedious space battles instead of the frontiersman good times we expect from a Star Trek show Discovery offered us a chance to look at the Federation and its idealism in a new … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Ursula K. Le Guin

I just wanted to take a moment to say farewell to one of my favorite science fiction writers. Le Guin was introduced to me by my wife a decade ago with the book “The Dispossessed”. The Vrapnahr’s anarchist collective in … Continue reading

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Oh no! It’s Not Padding! Man in the Mirror Review

There’s only one thing worse than fanwank filler: Fanwank plot. I have to eat a big old pot full of crow, folks. The Mirror Universe storyline isn’t just something to pad out Discovery’s season, it is an integral part of … Continue reading

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