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Oh no! It’s Not Padding! Man in the Mirror Review

There’s only one thing worse than fanwank filler: Fanwank plot. I have to eat a big old pot full of crow, folks. The Mirror Universe storyline isn’t just something to pad out Discovery’s season, it is an integral part of … Continue reading

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You Mean There’s More?! The Wolf Inside Review

The diversion continues as Discovery wraps up the middle part of what’s turning out to be a Mirror Universe trilogy of episodes. I’m not really wild about this. While the story is definitely pushing forward, it’s hampered by the tedious … Continue reading

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Long Live Captain Tilly – “Despite Yourself” Review

After over a month hiatus, Star Trek: Discovery is back to let us know what was such a big deal about their midseason non-cliff hanger. “Into the Forest I Go” left us with the Discovery sitting in normal space in … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays – Temporary Single Strip per Week

Hope you’re all enjoying your holiday festivities. I know I am. So much so that, like last year, I’ll be moving the strip to once a week on Wednesdays for the next two weeks. Expect a strip on the 27th … Continue reading

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I’m Totally Burnt Out After Seeing The Last Jedi

This could be an odd place to do this. I mean, a Star Wars movie review on a Star Trek site? Blasphemy! But I did see this film, and I have an opinion on it, and I have this soapbox … Continue reading

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Need Help With Arduino Stepper Motor Control Programming

Hello all! I am working on a Star Trek related project involving Arduino and stepper motors. I can’t say much about it right now except that it’s really exciting stuff that hasn’t been done before in an amateur production. I’ve … Continue reading

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Happy Hannukah!

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Star Trek: Discovery – The Verdict So Far

Discovery‘s first half a season was certainly an interesting experience. It’s gone from a show I initially wrote off before it even started to something I actively look forward to watching each week. I know I am going to miss … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Discovery Cast Wallpaper

Discovery’s midseason finale is tonight, but you don’t have to wait until January to get your fix. Decorate your desktop and mobile devices with this wallpaper of Discovery’s crew in the style of the show’s unique opening credits. Click the … Continue reading

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Why “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad” is Better than “Cause and Effect”

I haven’t been reviewing individual Discovery episodes, despite really wanting to, because I’ve been insanely busy as of late. I may do a mid-season break review, so look forward to that. But I wanted to take a moment to comment … Continue reading

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