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Star Trek: Discovery “Context is For Kings” is Full of Surprises

Last night’s episode of Discovery was a whole new animal. The show’s two episode prologue was pretty standard action fare, but it’s proper storyline seems to have made a left turn into mystery/horror. It’s a jarring shift that leaves me … Continue reading

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When People Hated TNG: A Collection of Vintage Rants and Humor

Thirty years ago Star Trek: The Next Generation was not seen as the beloved show it is today. In fact, it was debated, ridiculed, and, frankly, despised by many vocal Trekkies even before it aired. Very few people could believe … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Discovery – It Could Have Been Worse

Not since The Next Generation premiered in 1987 can I remember a Star Trek show being as divisive as Discovery before it even aired. Many a rant has been written about sets, costumes, Klingon makeup, and canon. Heck, I wrote … Continue reading

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Orville is “The Honeymooners in Space” with Jizz

I’ve been sitting on the script for Orville’s first episode for a little over a month now. I didn’t review it for several reasons, first being that it could have been an early draft, and therefore not anywhere near the … Continue reading

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New Footage of the Eleven Foot Enterprise Making a Flyby

Proving The Roddenberry Vault can actually be a useful resource, I pulled this unused footage of the Enterprise doing what seems to be a 180º flyby. I made the stars the way they some of the effects companies did back … Continue reading

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My Romp Inside the Roddenberry Vault

I know I’m a little late to the party, but I finally got a hold of the Inside the Roddenberry Vault Blu Ray set. While owning yet another copy of the same “best of” episodes – which, time-wise, is the … Continue reading

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Forgotten Roddenberry: Pretty Maids All in a Row Review

Oddly enough, many of you asked for it. Now, after a long delay, it’s finally here: my Pretty Maids All in a Row retroreview. Check out Gene’s celebration of statutory rape now on TrekMovie.

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Happy Pride!

“I have no moral or other objections to physical love in any of its many Earthly, alien, and mixed forms.” -Admiral James T. Kirk, Star Trek: The Motion Picture Novelization

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Is Harry Mudd a Murderer?

While “I, Mudd” sets up Harry as a sort of lovable buffoon on the run from his ghoulish wife (and is completely willing to strand 400 people in order to ensure his own freedom), “Mudd’s Women” sets him up to … Continue reading

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Star Trek Plays the Sci-Fi Blues

CBS finally dropped a full length trailer for Star Trek: Discovery last week revealing a lot of the aesthetics of the new series. While many were ranting about the Klingons, I was more interested in Star Fleet’s fashion choices. I … Continue reading

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