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The Motion Picture Novelization Live Read This Monday!

The comic may be on a bit of a hiatus, but Ryan and I are definitely on it. In the meantime, while you’re stuck sheltering-in-place, why not join me for a live reading of Roddenberry’s novelization of Star Trek: The … Continue reading

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Picard is a Jumble of Star Trek Odds and Ends

I’m sure most of you already know from my recent batch of posts that I haven’t been particularly excited about the new Star Trek series, Picard. Sitting down to watch it felt very much like a job, not unlike going … Continue reading

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What Star Trek Is…

The rekindling of a theoretical fourth Star Trek film has brought a new voice into the argument of “what Star Trek is”. Director Noah Hawley has made some bold statements about what the franchise is all about: “Star Trek is … Continue reading

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The Enterprise-D’s Captain’s Chair was Useless

There’s no doubt that The Enterprise-D was a way more lax and laid back ship than her predecessor. Fans used to refer to it as a “luxury liner”. The bridge crew was way more chummy. There were men in skirts, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Break Time

I just received my Thanksgiving flavored Pringles pack in the mail, so gluttony season is almost upon us. ‘The Word of God” will start wrapping up on December 3rd. Until then enjoy time with family and friends!

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Designing Counselor Raynar

Sometimes the things you barely see have the most thought put into them. Raynar’s outfit spends most of its time hidden behind one table or another, but it contains a number of references and clues to his place on the … Continue reading

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In Case You Forgot…

That “What number am I thinking of?” bit goes back to when Afshar and Delos Reyes first met one year ago (in both real time and the comic’s timeline).

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Data’s Cheeks Are the New Sonic’s Teeth

I know digital de-aging has been a thing for awhile, and Marvel has done a pretty bang up job at it since Brat Pack Robert Downey Jr. fought with mustached Roger Sterling in Captain America: Civil War. But this shot … Continue reading

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Starfleet Uniforms Ranked

I’ve drawn a ton of different uniforms over the life of the comic – many in this current storyline alone. I’ve gotten to know their ins and outs and the details that make them all unique. Here’s my take on … Continue reading

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Summer Break

Hate to leave you on yet another cliff hanger, but I’m taking a little summer break. See you in two weeks! Don’t let the gamma rays of Proxima Centauri give you too bad of a sunburn.

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