Another Week of #TMPRead is Starting Soon

The first week of my daily live read of Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s novelization was a sexy blast of hot Roddenberry futurism and boner alerts. You can check out the fun archived in the threads posted below. If you want to join me live, the next read is about an hour. You can catch it here.

Day One – The Forward and Catching up with Kirk and Spock.

Day Two – Kirk get’s back his ship and the Enterprise prepares for launch.

Day Three – Ilia arrives, Kirk and Sulu get stiffies, and the Enterprise finally launches.

Day Four – The Enterprise nearly hits an asteroid and phaser bypasses are discussed to death.

Day Five – The crew face the cloud head on and Ilia bites it trying to save Spock.

Remember, Genesis II is Canon

Just a reminder that Roddenberry’s 1973 pilot, Genesis II is part of the canon for the comic.

Watch it on Youtube.

Read my review of it here.