Next Generation Bridge Panorama

Star Trek: The Next Generation has a lot in common with Star Trek: The Motion Picture, including characters, tone, and design. It only makes sense that Picard does a similar scan of the bridge when he first walks on to it in Encounter at Farpoint that Kirk does in TMP. This was an easier panorama stitch than the TMP bridge, mostly because PhotoShop was able to at least automerge the two screenshots on the left hand side. The other two needed to be hand placed. The pan is faster than the one in TMP, so there is some obvious motion blur that can’t be helped. There was also the problem of the camera lowering during the pan, making me skew the whole left side upward, and some content-aware fill needed to be placed in empty areas.

Can you think of any other panning shots that would make great panoramas? Let me know. Click the image to see it at full, 1080px height.

Refit Enterprise Bridge Panorama

I was shocked that no one made one of these yet until I loaded a couple of screenshots into PhotoShop’s automerge and it couldn’t deal with it. Not only does the camera pan, but focus and lighting are constantly shifting in the shot. The camera also isn’t moving straight left. It’s sinking downward as well. That led to a lot of distorting and fading effects between shots, as well as erasing elements, covering others, and even pasting new ones in. The bottom part of the bridge rail on the left side, for instance, is it’s own little layer. Click on the image to get the full size, 8000×1080 panorama.

Net Neutrality Gets You the Internet You Need

This comic couldn’t exist without net neutrality. As a small, self-hosted site I would not be able to wheel and deal my way on the preferred lists of ever American ISP if things ever got that bad. I rely on an open internet for all of my work, that why I created this video in 2012 to push Net Neutrality and let people know what they would be losing. I can’t believe I have to post it again in 2017. I though we were done with this shit. I was wrong. Complain to the FCC (click on +Express) and contact your representatives now. It’ll only take a minute!

William Shatner on Misogyny vs Misandry

Erin Horáková wrote an article awhile back about how Captain Kirk is not the philanderer and untamed maverick we collectively seem to remember him as. The besic premise is that Kirk has drifted in the popular culture into something unrecognizable. I read it and, while I think it’s premise is solid and Kirk is not the character he’s portrayed as in satire and the new films, I disagree with Erin on who he actually was. I may even write up an answer to the article in full at some point.

But I actually read it. William Shatner obviously did not because he thinks the essay is about what a misogynist Kirk was, and that’s not what it’s saying at all. In fact, it’s actually defending Kirk against those exact allegations. Never-the-less, Shatner has been railing against the article on Twitter complaining that “terms like toxic masculinity are degrading. It borders on that imaginary concept to feminists: misandry.” and “Misogyny exists. Problem is that [Erin Horáková] didn’t want to accept misandry does, too.” I am scratching my head bloody at these responses right now.

Even if the article was about Kirk being a sexist pig, I’m not sure how a tirade about misandry being as bad as misogyny would be an acceptable answer to it. Misandry does, indeed exist. There are women out there who hate men just because they are men. But it’s not systemic and ingrained in culture the way misogyny is. To prove it I’m going to use William Shatner’s own words. Here’s a clip of him discussing “City on the Edge of Forever” with Jon Collins not too long ago:

So, Bill, let me explain it to you as simply as possible. Misogyny is a man feeling perfectly entitled and safe discussing a woman’s looks and desirability right to her face in front of millions of people – example clip included! – and misandry is a woman having to defend herself while silently wanting to kill him for it. See the difference?

He’s Almost Here…

His beginnings may be shown in Star Trek: Discovery, but what could be his final adventure starts this Tuesday.

Happy International Women’s Day

For all the kick-ass women out there, real and fictional.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations Wallpaper

Kirk, to me, cannot be a sophisticated master of space and time if his sexual appetite is limited to anthropomorphic heteronormativity.

Forgotten Roddenberry Review: Planet Earth

If there was one thing Roddenberry really couldn’t get enough of it was Femdom. The fetish shows up over and over again in his various pitch documents and productions. The ultimate example has got to be his second shot at bringing Dylan Hunt and the PAX to life in Planet Earth. You can check out my review of it at

That Time Richard Hatch Yelled at Me

I met Richard Hatch at WonderCon several years ago. He was sitting next to Erin Gray of Buck Rogers fame and across from Malachi “Commodore Mendez” Throne who had just inappropriately referred to my then three-year-old daughter as a “heart breaker”.

I really liked the character of Tom Zarek, but wished that he had been more of the morally ambiguous yet ultimately right-minded freedom fighter he was originally touted as instead of the sort of mustache twirling villain he became.

On hearing my analysis of the character, Hatch began to fume. Hell, he didn’t even let me finish. He slammed his fist on the table and lectured me at me at the top of his lungs on how he was the real hero of Battlestar Galactica. He alone had kept the Roslin/Adama dictatorial agenda in check. He alone had fought relentlessly for democracy, civil rights, and freedom of speech. If what he did was underhanded and subversive it was nothing in comparison to what his opponents where plotting. By the time he finished he was standing and I was speechless.

As I settled down from the initial shock and embarrassment of being publicly berated by a famous person who was towering a half a foot over me, I realized I wasn’t being yelled at by Richard Hatch. I was being yelled at by Tom Zarek.

I gave BSG a second binge watch just two months ago, this time looking for details I might have missed when it was in first run. And you know what, folks? Tom Zarek kinda had a point.

Uhura “Resist” Wallpaper

Screw the Prime Directive! Click the image for a full size wallpaper that’s also great for printing.