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In Case You Forgot…

That “What number am I thinking of?” bit goes back to when Afshar and Delos Reyes first met one year ago (in both real time and the comic’s timeline).

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Data’s Cheeks Are the New Sonic’s Teeth

I know digital de-aging has been a thing for awhile, and Marvel has done a pretty bang up job at it since Brat Pack Robert Downey Jr. fought with mustached Roger Sterling in Captain America: Civil War. But this shot … Continue reading

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Starfleet Uniforms Ranked

I’ve drawn a ton of different uniforms over the life of the comic – many in this current storyline alone. I’ve gotten to know their ins and outs and the details that make them all unique. Here’s my take on … Continue reading

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Summer Break

Hate to leave you on yet another cliff hanger, but I’m taking a little summer break. See you in two weeks! Don’t let the gamma rays of Proxima Centauri give you too bad of a sunburn.

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Spring Break!

Spring is sprung. The cherry trees are blooming. The kids are out of school. It’s Purim/Holi/that goyishe holiday with the rabbit. The comic is at a nice cliffhanger, so it’s a perfect time to take off for a week. We’ll … Continue reading

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Great Mother of the Egg!

“Great Mother of the Egg!”, the excited exclamation yelped by Acting Lieutenant Young in last Friday’s strip, was an expletive uttered by Romulan Ambassador Bendes in the Peter Pan Star Trek record, “In Vino Veritas”. I’m guessing it’s a reference … Continue reading

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Was Captain Kirk That Enlightened?

The Mary Sue recently put up an article chastising William Shatner for so-called un-Kirk-like views regarding the #MeToo movement. I’ve chided Shatner myself on the subject and have been banned from his Twitter feed for doing so. The part of … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas — Comic Will Resume in the New Year

Hope you all are making spirits bright in whatever manner you love best. The comic will resume on January 8th, 2019. Oddly enough, it’s a completely hilarious coincidence that Delos Reyes is incapacitated in a cliffhangery way every time we … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving – No Comic This Week

Isn’t it maddening when things end on a cliffhanger? At least you have some burnt bird meat to tide you over until next Tuesday. Or just get drunk and space out like Bev up there. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Doing Away With the Conference Room

The Next Generation and it’s progeny had a number of annoying narrative crutches they relied on, such as the incessant “Captain’s Log” that started nearly every single episode. The other major one was the conference room. Both of these were … Continue reading

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